T wo Zweig families were listed as passengers
on the pest ship Deux Fréres that arrived
in Biloxi in March 1721:

a) Johan Adam, his wife, and daughter. Johan Adam is
     mentioned in the 1724 census as having died in Biloxi.

b) Johan, his wife, a son, and a daughter.

     The surviving Johan became the progenitor of all the LaBranche families in Louisiana. His son Jean married Suzanne Marchand, an orphan living with the Ursuline sisters, and the official records of this marriage reflect the family’s name change to the French LaBranche.

     “Legend has it that Johan Zweig could not write his name, but at this wedding he gave French officials an idea of what it meant: Zweig = twig = branch. Voila! LaBranche. So the French notary wrote ‘Jean LaBranche.’ Thus, family tradition says, the family name was born.”

(Dr. Isabel French, St. Charles Borromeo Church)



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Home of the M. O. LaBranche. La Branche Plantation. Watercolor by Father Paret. Ship List, 1719.

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