F oot ferries were Taft to Norco foot ferry. (Photo courtesy of Bryan Zeringue) also a popular mode of travel on the river and bayous. In 1887 parish officials decided the ferry system landing fees should be studied. In the past, travelers were at the mercy of having to pay fair and “not so fair” fees to whomever provided landings. Competition at other landings was irrelevant as traveling up or down the River Road to get to the next landing was, at times, very difficult. After several years of allowing ferry service without parish jurisdiction, it was determined that ferry privileges throughout the parish would be implemented with parish oversight.

Bayou Des Allemands foot ferry. (Photo courtesy of Pat Yoes)


There were seven German Coast ferry landings
in 1883 as this October 13 St. Charles Herald
indicates. Similar notices appeared frequently
in The Herald. The Mississippi River remained
a major corridor for travelers during the
eighteenth century. During the nineteenth
century, the dirt roadways were still, at times,
impassable due to rainstorms and crevasses,
and the river remained a primary “highway.”


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bayou foot ferry The George Prince Ferry Memorial was dedicated on October 17, 2009.

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