Hurricanes and Stormy Weather

(Source: New Orleans District U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers Report on Hurricane
Betsy, September 8–11, 1965)

M other Nature has had a significant effect on the citizens of St. Charles Parish throughout its history. As early as 1722, one of Mississippi’s most respected historians, Charles Sullivan, wrote in Hurricanes of the Mississippi Gulf Coast that this area had been impacted to varying degrees by hurricanes over the years. Recorded data chronicles the arrival of these storms classified as “Fatal Storms:”

1856 Unnamed
1893 Unnamed
1965 Betsy
1969 Camille
2005 Katrina

(Source: New Orleans District U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers Report on Hurricane Betsy, September
8–11, 1965)


The most intense Atlantic hurricanes on record:

1915 “Great West Indian Hurricane”
1992 Andrew
2005 Rita

Path of the “Great West Indian Hurricane of 1915.” This hurricane
made landfall at Grand Isle as a Category 4 storm. It brushed
St. Charles Parish as a Category 2 hurricane, but the small
settlements of Frenier and Ruddock along Lake Pontchartrain in
St. John Parish were washed away by the wind and water. Many
lives were lost. Twelve miles of Illinois Central double tracks
were destroyed. Six thousand men were put to work to restore rail
services. (Source: Frenier Beach Hurricane Storm Surge Revisited
by Samuel P. Landry, Jr. P.E.)


Major Hurricanes Passing Within Seventy-five Miles of
St. Charles Parish Since 1960

  Date   Name   Highest Attained Strength  
  09/14/1960   Ethel   Category 5  
  09/28/1964   Hilda   Category 4  
  08/27/1965   Betsy   Category 4  
  08/14/l969   Camille   Category 5  
  09/05/1971   Edith   Category 5  
  08/29/1974   Frederic   Category 4  
  08/16/1992   Andrew   Category 4  
  09/15/1998   Georges   Category 4  
  09/14/2002   Isidore   Category 4  
  09/21/2002   Lili   Category 4  
  08/23/2005   Katrina   Category 5  

Chart by the Department of Emergency Preparedness of St. Charles Parish.




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