Named for the Germans, became Des Allemands


Named for the daughter of Alice Plantation owner
(means “to love” in Greek).

*Bayou Gauche

Gauche means left or left- handed. Bayou Gauche is the
left and smaller fork of Bayou des Allemands.


Named for Tisaphane Boutte and his son, J. L.

*Des Allemands

French name for the Germans; was Allemands


Named for the Destrehan family


Named for Palmer Elkins; became a part of St. Rose


Named for Orthello Flagg; became a part of Hahnville

Good Hope

Named for Good Hope Plantation (included an area
known as “The Island”); became a part of Norco in 2000


Named for Georg Michael Hahn


Gaelic for Church of St. John
(named by Richard Millikin from Ireland).


named for the LaBranche family (it was located on the shores
of Lake Pontchartrain and destroyed by a hurricane in 1915).



Named for Florenz A. Luling


Named for the Cumberland-Moberly Lumber Company in Taft


Named for Modoc Plantation; now a part of Destrehan


Named for the Manz (Montz) family


Named for Mozella Plantation

*New Sarpy

Named for Leon Sarpy; site of second Sarpy Plantation


Acronym for New Orleans Refining Company
(formerly Sellers and Diamond; also included
an area known as Wesco)


Named by developer and railroad builder Eduardo Paradis


Named for Leon Sarpy; became Sellers then Norco


Named for Colonel Thomas Sellers; became Norco


Named for lumber baron Charles Taft,
President William Howard Taft’s brother.

*St. Rose

Named for St. Rose Plantation


*Settlements remaining in the twenty-first century